Medical Sciences Interdivisional Research Ethics Committee (MS IDREC)

The Medical Sciences Interdivisional Research Ethics Committee (MS IDREC) is one of CUREC’s three subcommittees. It is responsible for reviewing the ethics of applications for University research involving healthy human participants and/or personal data that is either submitted by a researcher within one of the Medical Sciences or MPLS Divisions, or involves a medical intervention (where the research does not require review by the National Health Service ethics review service or by the Oxford Tropical Research Ethics Committee).

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Termly meetings

Please note that meetings are for review of policies and procedures rather than the ethical review of research studies.  Applications for ethical approval are generally reviewed via email communication so there are no deadlines for receipt of applications.

  • Michaelmas term - Tuesday 18 October 2022
  • Hilary term - Tuesday 24th January 2023
  • Trinity term - Tuesday 2nd May 2023



The committee is constituted in accordance with the University regulations on CUREC subcommittees (Part 13 of Council Regulations 15 of 2002). These regulations, in conjunction with the standing orders of the Medical Sciences IDREC, detail the remit of the committee, its responsibilities, obligations for quorum, and requirements (for the committee and researchers) for record keeping and audit.



The committee includes members from a range of academic and non-academic disciplines. Some members are internal to the University and have academic positions. Of the academic members, some are 'research active' but others are not currently involved in research with human participants or personal data. The committee also has external members who bring valuable expertise and perspectives from non-academic and non-educational sectors. In this way it is hoped the members together reflect the interests of researchers, participants and third parties. Appointed members serve for four years and are re-eligible. For full details of committee membership requirements, see Part 13.8 of the Council Regulations.

Please note: any queries about the committee should be sent directly to and not to individual members.

MS IDREC membership
  Name Department Conditions of appointment Until start of    
[1] Professor Klaus Ebmeier (Chair) Psychiatry Two persons appointed as chair and vice-chair of the subcommittee by the Research and Innovation Committee of Council, ideally one of whom shall not currently be involved in research involving human participants or personal data. One of the persons appointed as chair or vice-chair may be external, but not both. MT 2026    
[2] Professor Michael Browning (Vice-Chair) Psychiatry As above MT 2024    
[3] Nigel Rogers  External One person, who may be external, appointed by CUREC on the recommendation of the chair of the subcommittee whose primary personal or professional interest is not in any particular research area MT 2026    
[4] Dr Marie Wilson External As above TT 2024    
[5] Dr Katherine Bull Nuffield Department of Medicine No fewer than three, and no more than eight, persons, one of whom may be external, appointed by CUREC on the recommendation of the chair of the subcommittee, who have methodological and ethical expertise relevant to the proposals which each subcommittee will be expected to scrutinise  MT 2023    
[6] Dr Helen Ashdown Department of Primary Care Health Sciences As above MT 2026    
[7] Professor Charles Spence  Experimental Psychology As above MT 2025    
[8] Dr Tessa Reardon Experimental Psychology As above HT 2026    
[9] Dr Melanie Fleming  Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences As above MT 2025    
[10] Professor Sanjay Manohar Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences As above TT 2026    
[11] Dr Alexandra Hendry Experimental Psychology As above MT 2026    
[12] Vacancy   As above MT 2026    
[co-opted] Kajsa Wilhelmsson External

The committee may co-opt up to four additional members, internal or external, and who shall hold office for such period as the committee may determine




Secretary: Dr Helen Barnby-Porritt


The MS IDREC delegates review of straightforward applications using the CUREC 1 form to the IDREC Secretariat where appropriate. The full committee reviews all other applications. See the MS IDREC application process page for further information about the application process.